Metablogging Reflection

Thinking aloud about the shape of this blog

I am still getting my head around blogging. I have realised that it is actually quite difficult to relate an entire story via individual posts (or instalments) while maintaining a logical sequence. I have noticed that, in practice, my story as a written thing is less of a line and more like the branches of a tree. So, it may be best to treat each post as a self-contained essay or ‘mini-story.’ This will give me the freedom to change the topic from one post to the next, and eliminate worry about ‘gaps’ in my story or ‘leaving things out.’ This blog, then, might end up being a collection of mini-experiences and short theses. Above all, I should allow the blog to be a growing text with an evolving direction.

By Stephen Plustwik

'In the face of all my foes I am a reproach, an object of scorn to my neighbours and of fear to my friends. Those who see me in the street run far away from me. I am like a dead man, forgotten in men's hearts, like a thing thrown away.'—Psalm 31[30]:12–13 (Grail).