Experience Reflection

At what stage did I need help?

When should I have gotten help, ideally? Definitely as a fifteen-year-old, but even the year before. The age of fifteen was when I began being very depressed. I really needed medical intervention (and medication) already then. Keep in mind that my brain stewed for another five years before I had the acute psychotic episode. That is far too long to have serious mental illness and be without treatment. When it comes to any illness, early intervention is always better! Next, I discuss the reasons for my delay in getting help.

By Stephen Plustwik

'In the face of all my foes I am a reproach, an object of scorn to my neighbours and of fear to my friends. Those who see me in the street run far away from me. I am like a dead man, forgotten in men's hearts, like a thing thrown away.'—Psalm 31[30]:12–13 (Grail).